2017 Globe Offering is going to Lutheran Center in Juba, South Dudan

2016 Globe Offering went to feed refugees around the world.

2015 Globe offering went to a school for street kids in Cuzco, Peru.


Each year, Galilee picks one global ministry to partner with. Each week, we collect an offering to be sent to that ministry. In 2015 we are partnering with the Huch’uy Runa school in Cusco, Peru.

Huch’uy Runa, a school for street children in the city of Cusco in the Andes Mountains of Peru. It is supported by ELCA World Hunger. Children who otherwise would not be able to go to school at all are given a 1st through 6th grade education along with robust vocational training (in carpentry, metal work, baking, sewing, gardening, pottery and knitting) plus they receive abundant healthy food daily.